La Pola Capitulo 178 Online

Ver La Pola Capitulo 178 Online - Hello, in this blog diertance In a Avance La Pola Capitulo 178 Online, this chapter is for the day Tuesday June 21, 2011. We hope you enjoy this great soap opera and can spread our content through Facebook. See previous Ver La Pola Capitulo 177 Online

Ver La Pola Capitulo 178 Online: "La Pola", love was free, based on real events, is a Colombian Telenovela period produced by the RCN, where he recounts the political life and loving Polycarp Salavarrieta (La Pola). Women who became one of the most reelevantes in the history of the Independence of Colombia to prefer death rather submission. Despite being based on a story about real characters, La Pola not cease to be a work of fiction, according to the same director, the aim "is to imagine what life was like character of whom we know much of his public life but little of his private life."

The TV series takes place over 15 years, why the production has a large cast that will be replaced by new actors in a second temporary stage. What is clear is that it stars Carolina Ramirez (remembered for her role in La hija del mariachi) and Emmanuel Esparza.
Monday, September 13, 2010 was premiered and caused more interest people into history.

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