Determining Service Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Besides choosing a good web hosting, one more thing that is very important in running an online business is internet service provider services (ISP), why the ISP is very important to running an online business? The answer is important because the ISP so as if was a driving engine in a car, using a bad ISP at least update your blog or website will be blocked and must be detrimental, when suddenly an interruption such as internet connection break will cause the data updates to the birthday and of course the time wasted for nothing.

So whatever your ISP nice to do business online, of course, the world's many Internet service providers a good service, especially overseas advanced country like Japan, USA or Italy that provide ISP services with high bandwidth already, which is a problem in Indonesian state to get a good ISP but can be expensive to run a business online course must use a good ISP that events should not repeat the data update occurs. I'll give a little information based on the results of Internet searches about specific ISPs in Indonesia are good based on the category, while for overseas I do not have the data.

I wonder if you could rate the best ISP in Indonesia, based on the categories and ranked as follows:

Category Personal
Personal Dialup, GPRS, ADSL (non 3G)
1. Telkomnet.
2. Speedy (ADSL).
3. GPRS + XL Centrin XL, XL CBN (CBN also has a program with Fren and Starone)

Corporate Categories
1. XL MPLS (FOR Backbone)
Corporate category for XL is probably the strongest candidate. XL is the only operator that has backbone that runs along the FO Java island to NTB (Newmount).
2. Satellite: CSM, PSN (discussion)
3. Icon +

Personal 3G
1. Indosat 3G.
2. Telkomsel Flash

Category Jakarta alternative
1. Netzap
2. Kabelvision.

Wikipedia: List ISP

Above categories may help you to hire the services of ISP's and it all depends on you as an ISP service tenants to decide.

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