Tips Page Loading Speed on Blogspot

If you manage blogspot slow loading, try to practice some SEO tips for Speeding at Blogspot Loading Page below:

Widget Use And Throw The Poor Need
Widgets are intended to beautify the look of the blog, but if too many of the blogs take a lot of time so that the load becomes heavy, and certainly will result in visitors not stand and get out and rush to close their browser page. So just remove the widget that feel not so important.

Compress / Zoom Size CSS / Javascript
Minimize the size of the Code with CSS and Java Script your blog will automatically load time needed to download files into smaller pages so that your website will be easier to open. CSS code is usually located on the head if the blogspot code tertetak between <b:skin> <! [CDATA [and code ]]></ b: skin>.
You can use the facilities free tools css compressor in and for JavaScript in

Make CSS and JavaScript code external
The point is to put the code outside the blog page, if the blogger dashboard by default the code is put together so that the size of a large page size. Then you should optimize by placing the code on the outside as hosting free you can use a free storage facility or in
After saving the code to do queries / calls as the example below:
Sample CSS code:
<link href='' rel='StyleSheet'/>
Examples of JavaScript code:
src='' <script type='text/javascript'> </ script>
Then place the CSS code between the code section and code <head> </ head>, preferably for the script at the bottom place before the code </ body>.

W3C Validation
This is the tools and functions to see how valid the overall whether html code on your blog less or no errors then indirectly affect one will speed up your blog page loading, but it is unfortunate especially blogspot users / bloggers seem to temporary platforms This must be patient until the existence of effort from bloggers, because it is very difficult to menjadikankannya valid. Please visit to check it out.

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Nice tips. Thank's for sharing

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yg pentign enteng biar orang pada seneng :D

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nice info pih mantap

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