Royal wedding video, Prince William and Catherine Middleton's Royal Marriage

There was so much to love today as Prince William and Catherine Middleton were married in Westminster Abbey as an audience of hundreds of millions worldwide looked on. Prince William and Catherine Middleton's Royal Marriage

congrats to both. Well, she is a capricorn born the year of the rooster and she totally controls the castle. She is going to change everything and he will follow since he is a gemini who can not make his mind on anything. she will want a large family and in many ways will care about the poor just like princess diane. Capricorn and geminis are good for eachother so they will be fine. It was a great show and thanks to them for showing it to the world. Brings lots of to london. Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton
Royal wedding video: highlights of the ceremony of the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton

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