Triunfo del Amor Caputilo 136 AVANCE

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Telenovela Description : Triunfo del Amor, Victoria Ascanio (Victoria Ruffo), the beautiful and prosperous owner of the fashion house Victoria House, decides to search for the daughter she abandoned years ago. Meanwhile, Cristina (Maite Perroni), her daughter, leaves the orphanage where he grew up and moved to an apartment with two other girls, ready to fulfill his dream of becoming modelo.Sin know that her daughter, Victoria and employs Cristina is on its way to success when Victoria discovers that his new model and Luis Alfredo (William Levy), his stepson, are enamorados.Victoria fires Cristina, and Luis Alfredo is married with his old girlfriend, Marion, because she says she is expecting a hijo.Poco time after it was abandoned by Luis Alfredo and fired by Victoria, Cristina discovers that she, too, is embarazada.Su will only support her roommates and Father Angel de Jesus, a priest who has befriended. Cristina ignores that many years ago Victoria was seduced by his boss who later became a priest. Father Angel is her real father and seeks to protect.

This is very exciting Triunfo del Amor Caputilo 136 will be air on the day Monday, May 2, 2011 so do not be missed.

Ver El Triunfo del Amor capitulo 136
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