Los Herederos Del Monte capitulo 96 Telenovela

Ver Los Herederos Del Monte capitulo 96 Online, Welcome to the siapihblogger news, I hope you in good health and success for you, for you fans of telenovela Los Herederos Del Monte, this blog will discuss the continued story of telenovela Los Herederos Del Monte 96 that will be broadcast on your favorite television on May 31, 2011 , congratulations following the telenovela Los Herederos Del Monte capitulo 96

Los Herederos Del Monte Capitulo 96, Los Herederos Del Monte: In the Rinconada del Monte calm the days pass. Five brothers: Juan (Mario Cimarro), Joseph (Jose Luis Resendez), Pedro (Ezekiel Montalt), Gaspar (Fabián Ríos) and Luke (Jonathan Islands) are concerned, as always, to keep the farm that for decades his parents became the most important and prosperous in the area. They want to keep his legacy and make it grow even más.Acompañados of Modesto, the eternal and faithful servant of the family, the brothers are preparing to read the will that left his recently deceased father. So their plans will crumble while Sofia Cañadas (Diana Quijano), his mother, trying by all means Paula is the promise made ​​years ago: keep all the assets of Del Monte.

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