Nokia E6, The History of Design

Through the Nokia Conversations site we the process of creating the design of the Nokia E6. That is, how it all since you have the idea until the product is finished, although in this case, the E6 is a successor of the series "E" and the overall design was clear: touch screen and qwerty keyboard. Nokia E6, The History of Design

The idea of the creation of Nokia E6 born of the intention to design a terminal that had full qwerty keyboard and touch screen, that is, a BlackBerry style. Moreover, once it was considered that the public of this team was going to be people dedicated to the business and therefore the E6 offers email access from any application by simply pressing a button and a long battery life.

According to Tuomas Reiver in the creation process must take into account the expectations of future users. For this reason, it is considered that the qwerty keyboard was absolutely necessary and needed to be comfortable and easy to use. When asked what they were designed before in a terminal, if the hardware or software, Reiver said that in the case of E6 was known in advance the idea of ​​phone is wanted and that was to be the successor of E71 and E72. In fact, all products of the series "E" from Nokia are similar, based on the same concept and business idea. All you have to do the people involved in creation is to fit all the pieces and solve problems as they arise, and this may affect the basic design of the equipment.

Another key aspect is the choice of materials, in this case glass and steel. These materials are stronger and more durable than plastic, and more pleasant to touch. In fact, according Reiver, the challenge was to give the desired shape to steel and concrete, said he was "particularly pleased with the front and overall harmony of design."

Being a person who has participated in the creation process, is clear that the best qualities of Nokia E6 are its hardness and the fact that all elements have been integrated so that no one stands above the rest. Terminal is a timeless, elegant and without extravagance.

Display and languages

The last two questions for Tuomas Reiver have to do with the display and the language that incorporates the E6. Regarding the first, the question is why Nokia has not benefited from the headspace of the front to make a larger screen (is 2.46 inches). The difficulty is given by fitting the pieces of hardware, namely the headphone jack and front camera.

And finally, according to language versions, eg Russian, Chinese or Arabic, also affect the design because the solution has been to create a bilingual keyboard. Thus, in Russia, the Cyrillic alphabet is the first option but the standard qwerty is also visible. In this case the keyboard is a little wider to improve the use of buttons.

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