Nokia W7: more ideas on possible design

If there is a leak that look real expectancy means all of us involved in this sector is the first image of what will be the union of Nokia's operating system Windows Phone 7. The highly anticipated Nokia W7. Meanwhile, to whet your appetite we have to settle with the brilliant suggestion by some designers, on the other hand, so far all have shared a common aesthetic style can give an idea of what we see at the end of 2011. Nokia W7: more ideas on possible design

While Nokia maintains a good pace of releases and support for its Symbian platform ^ 3, it is undeniable that the future of the mark in the smartphone market goes through his "marriage"with another major sector, Microsoft, and your Windows Phone 7.

From this union of giants will later this year a new family of products, and have no doubt that pleasantly surprise us because they come from two companies which have been leaders in the smartphone market until the arrival of Apple and Android, and are not have forgotten how to do things, or so we hope.

All concepts are very similar WP7 Nokia coincidence?
Until then, latent images that designers aesthetic proposed as possible proposals for future terminals. Although from the first day we had the odd prototype take to the hearing, although not known by the lines of those earlier proposals or because designers have that generate "inspiration"directly from Nokia, but all share a style common.

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