Avance La Casa de al Lado Capitulo 12

Avance La Casa de al Lado Capitulo 12 Online, La Casa de al Lado Capitulo 12. Wellcome to our site. This Capitulo will be broadcast on the day of your favorite television Tuesday, June 14, 2011. of course you have watched the previous episode, we hope this episode makes you happy and excited with the family, do not forget to continue to open our site Telenovela Info, to see the next episodeand we are proud you are still with us and hope you will not leave this site. Thank you for this togetherness. we hope this day you are healthy, and ready to watching to the latest capitulo information. Many websites that present the telenovela, but the storyjust repeats the storythat was over, and you will get bored and confused. By joining us, you will enjoy the dish the latest telenovela information and hope you continue to join with Telenovela News Online Blog

This story says Pilar Arismendi (Maritza Rodriguez), a young woman with a sweet andcharming, is married to Javier Ruiz (Miguel Varoni), (Gabriel Porras) Gonzalo Ibanez business partner.

Gonzalo was a successful lawyer who meets Ignacia (Catherine Siachoque), Pilar and Javier neighbors, and the widow of Adolphus, a man who died under mysterious circumstances. Ignacia Gonzalez propose a few months after the death of Adolf. After the wedding the couple moved to the house next door pillars and Javier, and there Gonzalo begins to reveal many truths hitherto unknown to him. One is that the house is inhabited by Leonardo (David Chocarro), twin brother of Adolfo.

How is the continuation of the story! do not forget to see La Casa de al Lado Capitulo 11 Online on 13 June 2011. to see the show the previous capitulo, please visit La Casa de al LadoCapitulo Online

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