El Puntero Capitulo 18 Telenovela

Ver El Puntero Capitulo 18 Telenovela, Hello friend.. This capitulo will broadcast on Wednesday, June 29 2011, Hallo friend, are you happy today? Do not miss this Wednesday live full Capitulo 18 of the new series of Channel 13 in Argentina 'El Puntero' for absolutely free, happy watching!!

El Puntero Capitulo 18 Online, El Puntero : In times where the marginalization and poverty plaguing the society and people think thatofficials hear their complaints, get in the "pointer", a key player in political gear. Thischaracter, unlike the rest of the leaders, is near the village, listen to their needs and solve their basic problems like housing, education and nutrition. Of course, to do so, to negotiate and respond to a network of political corruption in that part of it who are willing to do anything for a little more power.

This is the scenario that moves Paul Perotti Aldo, aka The Gypsy (Chavez), a politician known as pointer anyone your municipality and, thanks to his charisma and work, controlsmore than ten thousand voters living there. But now, The Gypsy feel that politics has not returned all that he gave over thirty years of activism, the recognition is slow in coming and he can not stand the wait.

Meanwhile, go ahead with its main tasks: get the most support Iñiguez (Moreno), the Mayor. But organizing a mobilization and political activism other tasks require more than one person, therefore, the Gypsy, as any pointer, with two trusted persons: Lift (Luque), his faithful friend,a man of few and very quiet but capable to shake at all when it alters and Lombardo (Rodrigo de la Serna), who is responsible for mobilization and less thinking tasks.

In pursuit of his political career, The Gypsy has delayed his private life. He has little time for his mother, Antonia (Fugazot), which demands more presence and more money and her daughter Freedom (White), a thirtysomething almost disappointed and angry with the activities of his father. Also, politics has lost his great love, Clara (Toscano), a former commune officials whom he met at the time that politics for him was a utopia. Despite relying on their good intentions, Clarita is not in accordance with methods of El Gitano, so decides to leave, knowing that the man in your life.

Now, The Gypsy wants to be mayor of his city and believes that, despite the poor image among communal heads, "your people" will not fail when it launches the application. But Iñiguez is not willing to leave the quartermaster as well. For this reason, the Gypsy must face enemies and political interests.

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