Google Music: Music in the cloud

Google Music: Music in the cloud - Google has its music service in the cloud in beta, that is in beta, Google Music. And some are able to enjoy this service and its application for Android, which opens a wide range of possibilities to the music player as we've known it. Then explore the characteristics of this new application from Google.

Google Music: Music in the cloud, from Google have not tried to reinvent the wheel when it comes to media players, ie the player as such section is simple and fairly common to all programs of this type. They have categories that differ by artist, genre, album or playlist, for example.


It can create playlists by hand, or various lists can be created automatically from the playback screen. An interesting option and if they differ from other media players on the market.


Let's start with what really differentiate this player from the rest, the possibility of playing streaming from Google Music. This player will allow us to select the Gmail account with which we will want to sync our music. From which we can enjoy the music that we have previously uploaded to the cloud. It can play music directly from the network, or you can select whether to save a local copy.

Other modes and controls

If you let the terminal in landscape mode, the appearance of the application will take the whole screen so that immersion in our reproduction is complete. To display additional controls randomness repetition or just need to move your finger across the screen from left to right on the cover of the song you're playing at the same time.


A multimedia player for use with the options common to all these programs, but adding the ability to stream music from Google Music, besides being able to download also to our terminal. A player recommended and necessary if we want to enjoy this new service from Google.

Additional information on Music

Type: Multimedia
Compatibility: Android 2.2 and later
Language: Spanish
Downloads: Free from Android Market.
Size: 3.8 MB
Highlights: Player simple, streaming capabilities, interface cared until the end.
Negatives: You can still enjoy this service, or the application in our country.

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