La Pola Capitulo 166 Telenovela

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Ver La Pola Capitulo 166 Online, La Pola Capitulo 166 : New Granada, the early nineteenth century. At this time there are only two options: it is realistic or patriot. We live a real struggle for power, which results in, injustice,thousands of tears, shootings ... war!. In this framework, the most incredible storiesweave because people literally live each day as if it were your last. In this context lies the story of Pola, an untamed beast, full of visionary ideals and desire to fight for freedom, awoman ahead for these times where the prevailing machismo prevents the female has a voice or vote . In this age when love is eternal and yet where a kiss means everything,La Pola live a stormy, painful and passionate romance with SabaraĆ­n Alejo, a manforbidden to her from every aspect, as he is of ancestry, family Spanish, otherwise, of another color is also part of the Crown, in short, a relationship that is seen as a sin. But the attraction is so strong that the couple try to enjoy your love, no matter what the obstacle, be it death.

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