A Mano Limpia Capitulo 135 Online

Ver A Mano Limpia Capitulo 135 Online, A Mano Limpia Capitulo 135. See you again with us, Hi friend, how are you today? I hope you are happy with telenovela information from us, we are proud of you still loyal to open our Site Telenovela News, We hope you will always find us in the affairs of the latest telenovela. At present you Free Telenovelas A ManoLimpia Capitulo 135 Online for free, this Capitulo will be broadcasted on Thrusday, June 9, 2011. You can enjoy all the capitulos of this spectacular soap opera that is transmitted by the Televisa channel.

Ver A Mano Limpia Capitulo 135 Online, A Mano Limpia Capitulo 135: Manuel Guerra, known as 'El Leon', returns to his neighborhood after paying five years in prison for killing another person in an illegal fight. Returning to his home found that his brother is caught in the criminal world he lived. At the same time he met Silvia Pizarro, apsychology student from a wealthy family, which makes their professional practice with young people in the neighborhood and decided to take them out of crime. Between the two decided to organize a gymnasium, which they christened "A Mano Limpia ", which they hope to channel the urge for violence of the boys through the boxing competition. The couple raffle greatest difficulties in keeping the gym open, looking for new ways boxing champions and try to make 'A Mano Limpia "is accepted as the place where the boys who have committed crimes to justice to pay their punishment. In this process, Manuel and Silvia will fall in love, but must fight against destiny to be together

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