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Ver Tempano Capitulo 68 Online, Tempano Capitulo 68. On a cruise through the Patagonian ice fields, a family dedicated totourism shipping celebrates the golden anniversary of patriarch Francisco Grau (Luis Alarcón) and his wife Malu Cordero (Delfina Guzmán). A passenger who makes an appearance nobody expected: Amparo Benavente (Mary Grace Omegna), the daughter of an employee of the family, who all pushed for eight years to a tragic accident. Today, the shy girl back to their lives turned into an attractive and powerful woman. Amid the celebration, and no passengers or crew found out, he unleashed a wave of brutal crimes, causing a rash of suspected and the start of an investigation involving the passengers, the family and a couple of detectives Nicolas Duarte (Diego Muñoz) and Javier Ibarra (Pablo Cerda) infiltrates on board, while the murderer is ready to attack again. Among the Patagonian channels and the streets of Santiago, the police action establishes a line of research: eight years ago all the victims were present at a New Year's party on board the cruise. A party that ended in tragedy.

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