Correo de Inocentes Capitulo 23 Online

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Correo de Inocentes Capitulo 23 Online, This capitulo is for the day, Monday, August 01 2011. Hi Friends, we hope that today you are healthy, and ready tolisten to the latest capitulo information. Many websites that present the telenovela, but the story justrepeats the storythat was over, and you will get bored and confused. By joining us, you will enjoy the dishthe latest telenovela information and hope you continue to join with Siapihblogger News, . You can see all the Capitulo of strategic telenovela broadcast by Telemundo. See previous chapter Correo de Inocentes Capitulo 22 Online

Correo de Inocentes: Pilar Carrasco (Margarita Rosa de Francisco), is a Chartered Accountants of his company called Carrasco and Carrasco. One of his clients is Sergio Gaviria (Salvador del Solar), a prestigious lawyer for whom she performs the accounting reports of the company he works for.

Although the lawyer is engaged to Christine Cadena (Cristina Campuzano), under the influence of his mother Eugenia Herrera (Laura Garcia), his relationship with Pilar gradually begins to become a strong attraction between the two that go beyond the labor.

Although apparently the accountant leads a normal life alongside his sister Carmela (Victoria Góngora), an unexpected event altered his course and forced to confront adverse situations that lead to the decision of life that cost you dearly. During this difficult event in his life, he meets Alex Pilar Avendaño (Roberto Urbina), a lawyer who will become your support and help solve their problems.

But, as James falls in love with Angelica's new account, what will she do? Your heart will be torn between two men ... two homes.

Correo de Inocentes Capitulo 23 Online

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