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El Joe La Leyenda Capitulo 42. Do not miss this August 01 the soap opera El Joe La Leyenda Capitulo 42 by the RCN in vivo. The Colombian telenovela tells the story of salsa singer and composer Joe Arroyo Cartagena. You can enjoy the best novels of TV like El Joe La Leyenda entire capitulos as well as other Colombian telenovelas currently broadcast. If you missed a chapter or want to enjoy again El Joe La Leyenda Capitulo 41 just need to access El Joe La Leyenda all the capitulos for free.

El Joe La Leyenda :By walking the streets of Cartagena dying Alvaro Jose, El Joe Arroyo - Jair Romero, who desperately seek to Jackeline Ramon - Estefania Borge - to convince her not to marry another man. Amid the delirium produced by the agony, Joe begins to remember the happy times she lived with her ​​in the seventies at the time of the Carnival of Barranquilla.

At that time, Joe is Gozadera pure. She sings in the band 'La Protesta' and is engaged to marry Adela Vargas Martelo-Jeimmy Paola, his girlfriend of adolescence, but know Jacqueline Ramon, who is the daughter of a music impresario named Flavio Ramón Anibal Caballero, owner of the Record Label Caribbean. The arrow between the two is immediate and live the most intense days of passion among the parties. Jackeline, does not tell Joe that his dad is a person in society Barranquilla lender for fear that the only value it has, but seeing the talent of Arroyo, promises it will help you realize your dreams be a musician. Then Joe ends where it comes from hearing about it, because Hannibal is looking for a singer to assemble an orchestra and is interested in it.
Enjoy the best definition audio and video at high speed. See it on August 01, 2011.

El Joe La Leyenda Capitulo 42

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