Emperatriz Capitulo 70

Ver Emperatriz capitulo 70 Telenovela, Hello Friends, wellcome back in blog Siapihblogger News, this chapter for the day Juli 07, 2011. You can see all the chapters of this spectacular soap opera that was broadcast live by television channels. see previous chapter Emperatriz capitulo 64 Telenovela

Review synopsis :

telenovela Emperatriz , this drama tells the story of Empress Jurado, a woman in loveArmando Mendoza was a selfless and passionate, but said he took his newborn daughter, and then abandoned. Empress swore to himself that Armando revenge make him pay for all damage caused thereby to recover his daughter.

How does the final chapter of the Emperatriz Capitulo 70?

Emperatrizis a woman full of resentment and pain, which seeks revenge Anselmo, the man who deceived him and remove his small daughter. Along with Leonidas, who also hatesAnselmo, hatch a plan to destroy it with his wife Alma Rosa, damaging the lives of the couple'schildren, three innocent girls who are not guilty of anything, which will be orphaned and separated. Most of these girls is the daughter of Emperatrizis.

Years later one of the three girls, the middle child of Anselm, called Endrin, returns toCaracas after the identity of Eugenia Sandoval, Emperatriz seek revenge and restore his two sisters, who are lost. The eldest girl, Esther, after living and studying abroad, returns to Venezuelaand falls in love with Leonidas, the husband of Empress. The youngest of thesechildren, Elena, has grown along with their adoptive parents, away from everyone and does not remember anything.

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