Nokia created another account on Twitter to recommend phone

In the last month Nokia announced the creation of multiple channels of support and communication through the major social networks, with particular emphasis on Twitter. @ MiPróximoNokia is the new commitment of the Finnish. A channel in which users will be advised interested in acquiring the latest in Nokia's smartphone and mobile phones.

Long social networks have become the perfect bridge between companies and customers. One way to communicate quickly and effectively starting to use the big companies because of their effectiveness. One reason may be to familiarize them with the users and the speed with which response is achieved given the nature of these systems.

Extra help

Nokia strengthens its presence in the network of microblogging, Twitter, by opening a new account. Under the name @ MiProximoNokia, the professionals behind it shall make available to users with the necessary support for the election of a new Nokia phone is ideal. To that end, Nokia will assess the major features that users expect their next phone and contrasts with the specifications and services offered by their phones.

Satisfaction and loyalty

Thus, Nokia ensures that the customer relationship is as positive as possible while getting your total satisfaction by offering a product that fits your needs. It seems not too important an issue, but nothing is further from the truth. The correct choice of a terminal that meets your requirements in the future will determine the image of the firm facing the user, situation that eventually will generate customer loyalty to the company and its products.

New in the catalog of the operators

Nokia's new Twitter account will also aim to inform the prospective client about the latest mobile phones and smartphones. For example, the support provided will focus heavily on the new features in the catalog of the main operators in Spain. As we know, the main distribution channel for Nokia phones in our country largely due to mobile operators, which offer much cheaper terminals applying contract-related subsidies to remain.

A Nokia E7 at stake

As a promotion, Nokia will launch a contest to raffle a Nokia E7 that wins the most ingenious user to enter a tweet with the hastag # MiProximoNokia The only condition is that the sentence begins as follows: For # MiProximoNokia willing to ...

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