Ni Contigo Ni Sin Ti Caputilo 112 Online

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Ni Contigo Ni Sin Ti Capitulo 112 Online,  this Capitulo will be broadcast on  August 02, 2011.  Hello The Lover, how are you today? Ihope you are happy with telenovela info from us, we are proud of you still loyal to open our Site Siapihblogger News, We hope you will always find us in the affairs of the latest telenovela. At present you Free Telenovelas Ver Ni Contigo Ni Sin Ti Capitulo 112  for free,  You can enjoy all the capitulos of this spectacular soap opera that is transmitted by theTelevisa channel.Octavio Iker and Julia wants to be happy someday

Leo (Eduardo Santamarina) asks Nicole (Laura Carmine) who spent the night out with Jose Carlos (Ricardo Franco), her flirtatious says it was something different, not knowing that Leo suspects something completely different.

Octavio (Otto Sirgo), sad, tells Julia (Alessandra Rosaldo) and Iker (Erick Elias) who wholeheartedly wish that someday they can be together.

Meanwhile, Lalo (René Mussi) and Cony (Michelle Renaud) come to the board after marriage, suddenly balloons fall from the ceiling and jump and shout all congratulating the newlyweds are happy surprise.

On the other hand, Irene (Luz María Jerez) investigates the past of Julia and gives the old place where he worked, Irene begins to draw conclusions after questioning the porter of the place, because he says that Julia was one of the women most nice who worked there.

Mrs. Miranda (Beatriz Aguirre) interview with Arthur and asks if it is releasing a new perfume, referring to the draft Leo.

Don Chuy (Jorge Ortín) tells everyone that Lalo and Cony ate the cake before recess, Tobi (Robin Vega) missed questions whether they should marry only for eating the cake, because if so he would have married many of her friends from school, everyone left with their heads in shame at not knowing what to say.

Leo accidentally hears Nicole asks Isabela (Ximena Herrera) if I would spend the rest of her life with him despite his blindness, Nicole is shocked by the questions of Leo.

Ni Contigo Ni Sin Ti Capitulo 112 Online

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