William Levy and Maite Perroni, Returning as a couple

William Levy and Maite Perroni: Returning as a couple! As you listen, the handsome Cuban actor and actress who has never lost the style and class back together as a couple. After his performances in The Triumph of Love, this insatiable couple left to the public with a desire to return to being together. However, there are rumors of a return not only professionally.

Well, wish granted, fans will be glad to see William Levy and Maite Perroni this September 15th at the awards Hispanic Washington DC, USA. However, sources said the website enelbrasero.com the couple was seen together publicly at various locations and very loving. They also say that even though there are rumors about Barbara Mori Levy or his ex-wife, the Latin Brad Pitt confessed having feelings for the beautiful Maite.

Well, whether something happens or not, has always said that there is great chemistry between the two. However, hopefully the female addict, William Levy and Maite Perroni other end together. If not, we will have to console themselves with them together at the awards Hispanics.

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