William Levy says no to Jennifer Lopez

William Levy says no to Jennifer Lopez. Cuban actor did not accept the company of actress to represent him.

California, USA - Since Jennifer Lopez William Levy chose to accompany her in his latest video "I'm Into You" all sorts of rumors started to run. Read William Levy married Elizabeth Gutierrez will contract in November

AOL reports that a source close to William knew that although it is true that the manager decided to change her lover to get to Hollywood, Jennifer Lopez will not handle her career as she wanted because Levy said "No", among other reasons to avoid speculation and signed with the William Morris Agency.

A source confirmed that JLo did exist a formal approach to William join the staff of United Talent Agency and Nuyorican Productions, owned by the singer and actress, also intended to start their first jobs in the U.S. market. However, after several talks, Levy chose to join another company to handle your career in the English market.

Do you find with Mori?

William Levy would be a great lover TVyNovelas according to the journal and most striking is that the actress who says she is very pleased with the suitor is Barbara Mori.

A few months ago there was speculation about a possible romance between the two actors, a relationship that they always denied Levy said that only united work. However, he was seen out late at night the house of Barbara Mori. Now an informant not only confirms that they did have an affair but it was something that the actress would informally described as meeting "very satisfactory".

"She says that in private, William is the largest in the world," he said.

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