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Display attract a visitor attraction that can not deny anymore, as well as view your blog or web site that we manage, let alone your blog is a business blog. View interesting but long loading could also be left by visitors, there are a few tips to show us your blog or website so interesting and certainly no later than loadingnya, tips include:

  1. Choose a template that only light but interesting to see and I suggest to choose a template with 3 Colum.
  2. Not too much java script in the template select the required course.
  3. Maintain our template by cleaning unused CSS or HTML code that was left when we did the edit, you can use a free cleaning service, for example to clean unused code with services, how to use your easy enough to stay enter url address of your blog or website examples: for url:, press the clean button and wait until the finish, eventually you will see a report in the correct code, this service helped to restore and accelerate the loading blog.
  4. before uploading Image blog should be reduced once the size of bytes you can minimize by using the program adobe photoshop or paint windows innate.
Maybe it was 4 tips to speed up the loading of your blog, if you have comments or tips please type your suggestions and tips in the comments column.

5 komentar:

Ocim said...

thanks for tips n trik

Mas Doyok said...

iya blog saya template nya beraaaaaaaaaaaat

aRi isTiadi said...

keren infonya nih

asep canda said...

good post brother

blog buat bloggers said...

yes mate lightweight blog visitors do not hesitate to make back again, useful tutorial mate

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