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Please do not remove the credits.



The file contains the template in xml and a picture. If you want to make a custom header, just edit the image in Photoshop, save and upload the template directly, as the image below.

  • 03 side columns
  • 03 columns at the bottom
  • Search box in the header
  • Compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and IE 6, 7 and 8.
  • Easy to use
Predominant colors
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
The colors can only be exchanged via html.

  • Related Posts
  • New Feedback Form
  • Custom Comment Box
  • Highlight the comments of the blog author
  • Featured in quotes
  • Withdrawal of navbar
Before changing the template of your blog, back up the old template and the widgets. After the exchange, save the new template, save the images and host them in Picasa.

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Ocim said...

great template, thanks for share kang apih

asep canda said...

good template friends

hendrie k_bejo said...

thats right Brader !

black automotive said...

elegant style mode
i like this..

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