Mike Lazaridis had found the BlackBerry

Children from this Turkey can realize high-school teachers dream that one day electronic functions, computers, and wireless will become one. Through its findings, Mike Lazaridis successfully combines the unique technology and lifestyle into one: the BlackBerry.

In between busy receiving guests from several countries at the Wireless Enterprise Symposium (Wes) 2009 in Orlando, Florida, United States, beginning in May 2009, finally Mike Lazaridis, founder of the BlackBerry, can take the time to Compass. "What can I tell? I started it with the BlackBerry conditions now, "he said.

Unlike previously imagined, from alotnya arrangements with the representatives of the BlackBerry, Lazaridis figure looks cool, humble, and what it is. Interviews were held at a hotel in Orlando.

There was no guard, no coach or in the vicinity. One of the most influential person in the world's version of Time magazine in 2005 that appeared like an ordinary person.

Unpretentious, but rather the prestige as an important inventors of this decade more shine. That morning, Lazaridis serving interview over breakfast sandwiches. "Upps ...," he said during a sandwich in his hand fell to the floor. With a relaxed, President and Co-Chief Executive Officer and Director of Research In Motion (RIM) is picked again.

He opened a dialogue with the numbers. "Currently the number of BlackBerry subscriber is 25 million people," he said, handing me the book Life on BlackBerry, RIM's 2009 Annual Report.

"This latest report," he said. Engineering doctorates who did not complete this course not only in terms of guarding the RIM technology. He also mastered management, marketing and product strategy to invasion over the world.

This last point is what the world creates a new phenomenon: people in 160 countries are infatuated with a new way to communicate and send data. He is responsible for the spread of "viral" technology and lifestyles.

According to Milward Brown ranking Top 100 Most Powerful Brands, BlackBerry sequence of 51 of the world and known as the fastest growth with a 390 percent increase in the numbers.

Importance of research

With a sluggish global conditions, year 2009 RIM had 26 million BlackBerry sent to a number of countries. January 2009, the BlackBerry has made the BlackBerry device to-50 million. "Revenue RIM fiscal year 2009 rose 84 percent from U.S. $ 6 billion to 11 billion dollars," he said.

In 2009, the BlackBerry was awarded the GSMA Chairman's Award for pioneering the field of wireless. In the midst of new discoveries stagnannya, Lazaridis practically dominate as inventors in this decade.

Lazaridis realized, RIM's success is the impact of science. Therefore, he believed that science could be expected to be encouraged universities to make a difference.

Support of the research world unsparing. In October 2000 he founded the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in fund 100 million U.S. dollars drawn from his personal bag.

April 2004, with his wife he donated U.S. $ 33.3 million for the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo. May 2005, he again gave an additional 17.2 million U.S. dollars to build the building of the Institute for Quantum Computing and the Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology.

Lazaridis not only the inventor of the BlackBerry. About 50 of his patents in wireless range and industrial display systems. DigiSync, barcode readers for the film industry, was also under the patent to him, which made him get an Emmy and an Academy Award in 1999.


Lazaridis not native Canada. He was born March 14, 1961 in Istanbul, Turkey. Both parents came from Greece with Lazaridis to Canada when she was five years old.

In 1966, Lazaridis lives in Windsor, Ontario. His talent began to appear since he went to school in Windsor. These nerds spent much time in the library.

Age 12 years he was awarded the Windsor Public Library because it has devoured every science book in the library. In high school, interest in electronic facilitated since met with great teachers. In every interview he always refers to high school teachers who become the best motivator.

In 1979 he decided to lecture at the University of Waterloo majoring in electrical engineering computer science. As a student, he got a 500,000 dollar contract from General Motors (GM) to build a computer network control display.

From the fund's contracts with GM, plus a 15,000 dollar loan from his parents, who were students Lazaridis founded RIM. He came out of college two months before graduation.

RIM's move in the field of barcode technology for the film. Eventually, RIM has penetrated into the wireless and in 1999 introduced the BlackBerry.

Although eventually dropped out of college, thanks to the dedication, in October 2001 he won the award of Doctor of Engineering from the University of Waterloo. In June 2003 he was even appointed as the eighth Chancellor of the university.

BlackBerry's unique because he has his own system for managing e-mail, especially technology that does not have a server other companies. While other cell phone manufacturers are happy with using the existing system, Lazaridis think differently. "We are very careful in developing this device. BlackBerry has a unique system, this is what makes our service will be superior in the eyes of consumers, "he said.

He was sure, to the future need for higher data transmission and wireless will be a solution. "We combine the functions of mobile devices with computer functions," he said.

Is the BlackBerry will replace a desktop or laptop computer? Is the BlackBerry also has ambitions to take over the GSM telecommunication system popular today?

"No, we are also involved in the development of other technologies," he said. GSM technology, for example, the network still we can use with a variety of research development.

Behind the ambition to become an epidemic BlackBerry, Lazaridis still run into the world of research, to develop the possibilities of available technology. So, do not have to be dominant and kill the other if you want to succeed.

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