Debate: Is this the future of cinema?

Debate: Is this the future of cinema? The director DJ Caruso (I Am Number Four, Disturbia) and actress Emmy Rossum (The Day After Tomorrow) are developing a new film called "Inside," incorporating the audience using elements of media in history. Do not miss the trailer below.

With social media being as popular as they are, filmmakers, studios and theaters have been seeking new ways to get fans involved in order to create a more interactive experience. A theater allows fans to send text messages about the film which appear on the screen along the projection. However, Caruso is taking a step further.

He is actually incorporating submissions from fans of YouTube and Facebook and Twitter messages in history to help the main character (Rossum) to rebuild its mystery. All this certainly sounds interesting, but fans wishing to see some YouTube videos in a movie? Who knows, but it worked for "Life In a Day" by Ridley Scott. To participate, visit the official movie site.

Plot: "Inside" revolves around Christina (Rossum), a girl of 20-something who has been trapped in a room with a laptop and an Internet connection without a trace. Afraid no idea what to expect, mobilizing their social network to help spread clues to figure out where it is stopped and hopefully be rescued.

Question: Would an interactive experience more enjoyable movies / funny to you?

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