Description of the trailer of "The Dark Knight Rises"

Description of the trailer for The Dark Knight RisesWarner Bros has just unveiled the official poster of "The Dark Knight Rises" by Christopher Nolan and the trailer will be released this week. And since that theaters are prepared to show the trailer, several designers have had the chance to see it. One has written a detailed description thereof.


The trailer opens with the logos of the studio set up in the top of the blue flame of The Dark Knight.

Starts panning by some of the buildings cut into the display card. Each hero has a ride.

Cut to a scene in "Begins" with Bruce going to the people when in search of Ra's Al Ghul.

Display Board: Each hero has a FINAL

The voice of Ra's "If you get more than a man. If you devoted to ideal. And you become something else entirely. ... A legend Mr. Wayne A LEGEND!"


Cut to a scene of Gordon in a hospital bed lying on his side. Seems to be in severe pain. It has a breathing mask. He's talking to someone.

Gordon: "We were in this together, then you left ... Now this evil rises. ... The Batman HAS to come back." (All this is said in a hoarse voice, in great pain.)

Bruce / Batman (not shown you are talking, so I do not know how Bruce visits. My guess would be like Bruce Wayne): "What if he no longer exists?"

This part is harder to understand the full trailer. I heard at least 10 times, but the score is too high in this part and Gordon is having trouble speaking. Sounds like you says, "Humor me" trying to laugh. I can be wrong here, full disclosure.

In this quick chat show us a picture of the cycle of bats while driving down the ramp of "The Dark Knight," Gordon bat signal destroying all cut scenes in the hospital. Just as super-fast flashes the face of Bane.

Pan dilapidated buildings to reveal the poster, the camera approaches the opening in a white all-white screen is the title. The score reaches its peak before changing the song of the website.

The Dark Knight Rises

Fades to black and then see Batman away from something, Bane enters from the left side of the screen. Very quick shot, then ends the trailer.

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